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In the late summer of 2007, Family Inada, Inc. transferred exclusive responsibility for the American market to FIUS Distributors LLC.

FIUS Distributors LLC is based in Boulder, Colorado and operates as Inada Massage Chairs.

Warranty repair service and support, marketing, and distribution for all Inada activity in the United States is provided seamlessly through FIUS Distributors LLC. (www.inadaUSA.com)

FIUS Distributors LLC
2125 32nd St
Boulder, CO 80301

Toll-Free: 888.769.0555
E-mail: info@inadausa.com

Inada Massage Chairs are available at over 250 authorized retail locations across the country. Please visit www.inadausa.com/dealer-location/ for a massage chair showroom near you. Please note that the Manhattan showroom location will be closed to the public after August 10, 2007.

Major merchants carrying Inada products include SkyMall, Hammacher Schlemmer, Relax the Back, and the Healthy Back Store.

The main United States site for Inada is www.InadaUSA.com. You may also call 888.769.0555 or email info@inadausa.com for additional information.

Please email us your feedback at info@inadausa.com


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