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Articles & Release-Wire for INADA Chair

  Site name: NY1 NEWS (Feb. 2007)
  Site name: MSN NEWS (Jan. 2007)
  Site name: Forbes(Jan. 2007)
  Magazine name: Robb Report - Home Entertainment (December, 2005)
  Site name: TWICE (Feb. 2005)
  Magazine name: Robb Report -Luxury Home (Winter 2004)
  Site name: Panache Magazine (Nov/Dec 2004)
  Site name: New York Times (Dec. 19 2004)
  Site name: Home Theater Magazine (Oct. 25 2004)
  Site name: CBS MarketWatch
  Site name: TIME magazine (Jul. 14 2003)
  Site name: CNN (Jan. 10 2003)
  Site name: DallasNews.com
  Site name: Finance Canada
  Site name: NBC6.com
  Site name: National Hispanic Corporate Council
  Site name: PR Newswire

  Site name: Popular Science (Jan. 2002)
  Site name: New York Times (Oct. 11 2001)

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  1: F.A.Q
  2: INADA Chair History (New)
  3: Press release (Nov. 12 2001) - Japan Sends America Its Own Form of Therapy.
  4: Press release (Dec. 03 2001) - TIME names INADA massage chair an "invention of the year".
  5: Press release (Nov. 6, 2002) - Bodies Tired from Holiday Chaos Relax, Rejuvenate with INADA Massage Chair.
  6: Press release (Apr.15, 2003) - Reward Your Mom with the Gift of Shiatsu Massage in Her Own Home.
  7: Press release (May.07, 2003) - Hollywood Elite Fall in Love with Inada Massage Chair.
  8: Press release (May.20, 2003) - Weary Dads Can Unwind and De-stress with Inada Shiatsu Massage Chair.
  9: Press release (Dec.21, 2006) - The Future of the Massage Chair.
  10: Chiropractors’ Quotes
  11: Chiropractors’ Bio

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